Thursday, May 21, 2009

Music Menu: Amerie-Tell Me You Love Me

Amerie returns with a new label, new look, and a new song. Titled "Tell Me You Love Me", Amerie gives us another club track that is filled with high intensity that puts her sweet vocals to the test.

Honestly, this sounds a lot like "1 Thing" and "Take Control". I like it, it has a DC go-go sound but it's still the same ol', same ol'. When I found out that Amerie was coming out with a new album on a new label, I was hoping to hear a different side to her.

I was looking forward to more ballad like tracks where she could attack a smooth beat with her vocals, dang it I was looking for a song like "Why Don't We Fall In Love" the song that first put us on to Amerie. These type of songs where she's screaming on a track is OK, but her voice deserves so much more.

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