Tuesday, May 26, 2009

M.Y.'s open letter to T.I.

T.I. is scheduled to report to prison today at 12PM.

Dear T.I.,

Today is the day I am sure you have been dreading from the day you were arrested for trying to purchase illegal weapons. In any other circumstance with any other rapper that has done said actions and saw no error in their ways, I would have taken this time and made it a priority to roast them; however with you, I have to say you have made some of us proud.

Using that event to make a much needed change in your life and to make an effort to preach the gospel cross country, going above and beyond in saving the lives of younger adults and to help in preventing them from taking the same road you did, is a reason to be commended. Yes, I've heard a few people say that you should not be celebrated because it is the very thought and actions like yours that is occurring in inner cities in America, but it is like I always say, we all make mistakes some small and others large, the most important thing is to take from it a valuable lesson and avoid repeats.

A year and a day is a longtime; It is time that you can not get back, it is a year from your life. Instead of looking at all of the negatives, I hope that you will see the positives. See that with this year off you will have time to think. Think about your future, the well being of your family, and think about mentally growing as a person. Be grateful for the time that you were given and understand that it could always be worst.

You have made a difference in lives as a result of your actions. And although it could have been avoided remember that in life nothing happens by chance, there is always an underlining blueprint. When you come out, hopefully you will be a new person and would have learned a wealth of knowledge that you would not have learned while free. Sometimes to be grateful we have to be stripped from the one thing we take for granted, and in that we learn because experience gives light to knowledge. Good luck and remember to always keep your head up.



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