Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artist News: Nas is looking to leave Kelis out to dry

Initially, I failed to report on the story because I felt there were enough media outlets exhausting the hell out of it, but since some of you have been emailing me with questions or asking me about my thoughts on this issue, I wanted to let you know what I know based on the various reports.

As you know, Nas and Kelis are currently getting divorced. In said divorce proceedings, Nas is asking that Kelis receives no spousal support as well as funds to pay for a lawyer seeing as though the idea to get divorced was hers to begin with. He is also seeking joint custody of their unborn son, in an attempt according to some people, to avoid paying child support.

It really hurts my heart to know that a child will be coming into this world to parents that are separated all because they couldn't find it in themselves to work it out. I am a firm believer in marriage, which is why I always preach to know who you are marrying before you marry them, because once it is done, it's done.

It is being rumored that Nas was very verbally abusive to Kelis and that Kelis was "loose". It is also rumored that the reason why Kelis wanted a divorce was because she noticed that Nas became very withdrawn from the marriage after info came out that Kelis was involved in a sex tape with a no-name rapper.

On both angles I can see where there would be cause for a divorce but I do wish they could at least attempt to work it out. I plan on visiting this subject in the future on my column so keep a look out for it. I do wonder though, what exactly will he do with that tat of her on his arm?

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