Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Artist Rumors: Rihanna is dating Kanye West?!

I battled with myself with posting this bit of info but I just could not help myself and wanted to share this love tid bit with y'all this late AM. According to MTO, Rihanna and Kanye are secretly dating after carrying on a long lasting platonic relationship. Here is where it tickles; apparently they are keeping it a secret from Jay-Z because of his protective ways *when did he become her daddy?!*. He would not approve of Kanye dating Rihanna if he found out because he knows how Ye' gets down *we all know how Kanye gets down I'm sure* .

Can the girl have a drink, some laughs, and occasional apt visits with a man without being linked to him romantically? Seems like every other week Rihanna is dating someone new. Last week it was a basketball player the week before that it was Wilmer Valderrama and now Kanye. I find this hard to believe simply because there is a significant age gap between the two, then again that didn't stop Jay-Z. If it is true, they will be the most fashion forward couple in the game and Rihanna won't have to worry about producers because Kanye is at the top of his class, I'm just sayin'.

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