Sunday, May 10, 2009

M.Y. Sunday Kind Of Love: LL Cool J-I Need Love

Our Sunday Kind Of Love is brought to us courtesy of lip-licking-lady-loving Mr. LL Cool J. I got an email earlier last week from a disgruntled loyal reader that wanted to take my head off for not posting any rap songs for Sunday Kind Of Love.

Honestly, there are not that many rap songs that center around love so it is pretty tough to sift through them to find that gem called love. Clearly they need to fix that, but I guess it is a little deeper than that.

We can always count on LL to bring the love in Hip-Hop but without him is there any other artist (that are good) that center any of their lyrics around love? Do they all still think talking about love makes them appear "soft" or less than a man?

Thoughts to let ponder. Have a happy Sunday!

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