Monday, May 18, 2009

M.Y. Song Of The Week: Mary J. Blige- Be Happy

This week's SOTW is brought to us courtesy of Mary J. Blige the real queen of Hip-Hop Soul and her song "Be Happy". I was watching a VH1 special over the weekend on how R&B began and how it's evolved from the four walls of club scenes to this chart-topping genre. Out of the artists that they mentioned, Mary stuck out most to me.

The way she turned her struggle into music in the most eloquent way is amazing. She has always been real and genuine as an artist and that is the main reason why she has been able to stick around in this dog-eat-dog business and still remain the victor. Perfect example of her genuine nature is the realness but basic essence of her song "Be Happy". There is no underlining meaning to the song, it means just what it reads.

Be Happy - Mary J. Blige

Mary has been able to stick around and be the soulful entity she is even with the overflow of the R&B/Pop artists that are popping up left and right. Hopefully, there is an album on the way because we can all use a good dose of some Mary right about now.

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