Friday, May 8, 2009

Analyze This: Cassie and her nudity

Yet again, there is another nude photo of Cass that is supposedly swarming around the net, this time Cassie has decided to show her cupcake down below to match her cookies she put on full display via Twitter.

Originally I did not post the pictures, simply because I felt sorry for the girl and her desperate attempt at publicity. I would post the link to the picture of her getting her eagle on but 1. that's not my style and 2. the link has already been disabled.

It really is a shame that Cassie has to put herself in such a compromising position. Granted, men in America (and beyond) are absolutely thankful that they got a chance to see Cassie's baked goods (If I were a guy I would empathize), but has it really come to this? If the music is alright and the voice is hmmm OK, if all fails take naked pictures and pretend like you had no idea that they were still lingering and then drop the tale that someone hacked into your comp, no ma'am.

It would have been a lot more commendable if Cassie just admitted to releasing them herself or having knowledge of their release before hand. As crazy as this might sound, the one thing I am hoping is that she decided to release them because she wanted to and not because someone told her it would be a good idea.

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