Friday, May 8, 2009

T.I. does not condone disloyalty

After the truth came to light that Alfamega use to spill the beans in his past, T.I. has officially removed him from the equation known as Grand Hustle. The Smoking published an article outing Mr. Alfa as being an informant for the drug enforcement administration during a trial trying a heroin trafficker, and T.I. was not too pleased with the fact that he wasn't the first to know.

T.I., still feeling a little sensitive about being "snitched" on by his bodyguard who opted to cooperate with authorities during T.I.'s bout with the law via buying illegal guns, said that he was unaware of Alfa's past and because the organization (Grand Hustle) is built off of trust, Alfa has got to go,

"Even though all our artists and employees are asked by us to be honest and open about their past history, at no time did Alfa disclose to me or Grand Hustle what has now appeared in the media. He essentially deceived us by failing to fully disclose the truth about his past, and there is no place in our organization for dishonest and misleading behavior. As I have always said, you must take responsibility for your own actions. We at Grand Hustle can not support or condone the blaming of others for our own mistakes. I hope and pray to God, bless his savings plans, but I don't foresee me or my company playing a role in his personal or professional business." -via Miss Info.

I am on the fence with this decision. In one light, I can totally understand where T.I. is coming from. Plain and simple, he does not like disloyal people in his circle no matter what the cause of disloyalty is. He obviously is preparing to head out to jail and one of the minor reasons why he is going is because his bodyguard decided to roll over on him and cooperate with the same people (in an effort to save his own tail) looking to put T.I. away. Plus, Alfa was not upfront about his past from the jump.

But in another light, I feel this is the reason why inner city neighborhoods that suffer from the availability of weapons and drugs fail to prosper because of this thing called loyalty. Heroin is a very deadly drug and has killed and ruin lives for years, why get mad at a person who (though I am sure did it to protect themselves from also serving time) decides to tattle-tell on something that is already not a good thing?

Either way, it's T.I.'s company and his personal decision; all's well that ends well.

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