Wednesday, April 15, 2009

TV Appearances: Jamie Foxx on Jay Leno

Jamie Foxx recently appeared on Jay Leno's show to talk about all things Jamie and of course the whole Miley Cyrus thing came up in conversation. In case you missed it, Jamie was being Jamie on his satellite radio show, Foxxhole, and said a few things that were deemed offensive by some people.

Now, the "some people" were not his listeners but readers on blogs and infamous gossip sites like TMZ, we all know how they like to skew certain scenarios; lets not forget, they were the one's that shelled out the big bucks to get first dibs on the Rihanna bruised and batter photos to post on their site, but I digress.

It was very big of Jamie to apologize but I don't think he really needed to. What did they expect? He is a comedian at heart and this is not the first time he's criticized people's work and their characters and I doubt it will be his last. When did it become a problem to voice your opinion? Being that she is still a child I guess somethings are off limits. But why aren't we talking about the fact that the girl is 16 and dating a 20 year old? I guess that doesn't deserve public scrutiny huh? Whatev.

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