Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A message from Day 26: "Real men cry"

Day 26 stopped by Angela Yee's morning show (loves her), to talk about their group's relationship, MTV and the editing of the show, and...well...a little sex.

During the course of the conversation, the topic shifted to the boys crying on the show. They explained that they were just expressing themselves and may have shed a tear or 100 but that's OK, because real men cry; and if any other man or individual for that matter were in the same predicament like they were, we would shed a tear just as they did.

Que and the boys are so right, it takes a real man to cry and to show their vulnerable sides by being sensitive. Every man has that little button, that when pushed, can cry a bucket full of tears. However playboys, it takes a punk to b*tch. It really has nothing to do with them being men; quite frankly, I wouldn't want to be around females that act like that either.

Granted, Que is young and may not know how to deal with his emotions in a logical way yet; what he was doing on that show was not being sensitive; it was more like being b*tchie and annoying. The show (although I know has been edited to portray certain characters through a scripted light) was filled of them arguing over petty ish and then crying about it like little school girls being denied access to the school lunchroom. Sensitivity and bitchieness are two very different things, let the record stand on that; there really is no excuse.

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