Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brandy wants Keyshia Cole with Ray J

This little audio from DJ Mami Chula's radio show had me giggling this early AM. Brandy stopped by the Atlanta radio station to set the record straight about Ray J and Whitney Houston and flexed her cupid bow and arrow on who she would want Ray J to get with.

Brandy did not hesitate to put her little brother on blast about his supposed relationship with Whitney by saying that there isn't anything going on between the two, and that they are just really good friends; I think we all knew that already, that whole ish oozed of publicity stunt.

The conversation kind of went left when asked who she would like to see Ray with; in which Brandy replied that she would like to see her baby bro with Ms. G. Fab, Keyshia Cole; random much?

Hmmm...OK Brandy, you already know that Keyshia would make Ray her b*tch but whatev.

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