Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lil Wayne smartens up and sues

Do y'all remember that lawsuit that was filed against Wayne regarding a song that he sampled without a green light from the singer/songwriter of the original song?Do you also remember when Wayne was ordered by a judge to fork over documents that list his earnings for his Grammy award-winning album Tha Carter III? Well, Lil Wayne ain't too happy with the current condition of that lawsuit and has decided to sue the producer of "I Feel Like Dying".

Apparently, the producer that Wayne is suing, sampled the song from Karma-Ann Swanepoel's and used it without Karma's permission.

Hmmm...I guess his reasoning wasn't probable enough. Just last month, Wayne was trying to justify sampling Karma's song "Once". In fact, the excuse that his lawyer gave was that the song did not contribute to the success of Tha Carter III therefore,Karma-Ann should not be entitled to any money even if "I Feel Like Dying" was sampled from "Once" without her permission.

I guess Wayne's legal team had to re-strategize. This is a smart and mighty convienient move.

{Spotted at-Billboard}

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