Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bill O'Reilly has a problem with Hip Hop...again!

This time it's with Eminem and his new video "We Made You". Apparently, it is objectifying women because of the portrayal of Sarah Palin as a promiscuous woman. I was surprised to see that Bill took so long to open his trap to have something to say about the video. He even took the liberty of bringing on a feminist guest to light the fire for his viewers to be enraged at the supposed bash against females. That's funny, I never really saw Sarah Palin as a pillar of ALL women.

Bill claims that the video is hatred against women because it shows Sarah Palin sitting on top of a desk dressed in a short grey mini skirt and a bustier moving provocatively and that it is inappropriate and a bash against her conservative image. OK fine; but there is also a photo of the actual Sarah Palin pictured in an American flag printed bikini holding a sniper rifle but I guess that didn't do the job of axing her image. Bill is one to talk, didn't he have a sexual harassment charge brought up against him a few years back?! Get it together Bill.

I think Bill wanted to be a rapper once in his life and did a few open mics and got booed off stage. And from that day forward he made sure to carry out his vendetta against all things Hip Hop, because it makes no sense how if he is so disgusted by the genre why he always knows what's going on within it.

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