Friday, February 6, 2009

T.I. does Blender

In one of his very last interviews before he heads on to the big house (sniff), T.I. gets candid and real personal in the March issue of Blender.

His thoughts on the day that changed his life,

"Sometimes guys approach extra tough -- not meaning no harm but want me to think they're tough. So they approach me in a way that I can't really differentiate positive from negative. And it ignites a certain paranoia. The pain and paranoia, that's what led me to that parking lot (to buy guns). I regret it, but it made sense at the time. I felt like the more I had the fewer they could get."

On being a celebrity,

"People are in awe a times about who I am. I can't believe I'm in here with T.I., but that usually goes away in about three, four days. After so long, everybody just inmates."

I'm gonna miss you T.I. The good news is that when he comes out he will be equipped with some great material; he'll have a lot to think about. I must say, aside from the one picture that has been circulating around the web with him wiping down, T.I. has really grown over the course of a year. Sometimes people need these crazy events to occur to get their minds right; too bad he's going to have to give up a year of his freedom as his lesson. You live and you learn folks.

Check him out talking about his upcoming Grammy performance...


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