Friday, February 6, 2009

M.Y. Rant: Hip Hop, I Need Answers!

1. Is anyone else following this 50 Cent & Rick Ross beef?
2. If you are, is this not the funniest beef ever?
3. Did anyone else see the softer side to Lil Wayne while watching the Katie Couric Grammy special?
4. Are you as disgusted with Rick Ross rocking his shirts unbuttoned?

5. Can Etta James really "whip" Beyonce's ass?
6. Speaking of Etta, doesn't she resemble Tina Knowles?
7. Is Kid Cudi as hot as people are making him out to be?
8. How wrong was it for Rick's son's mother to sell her soul for a pair of designer shoes?
9. I mean really, what is she going to do with a fur coat in Miami?
9. Did 50 buy her homegirl a pair too?
10. Is a gangster an occupation? If so, which tax form do they use to file their taxes?
11. Are you buying Kanye's new sneaker? If so, with what money?
12. Why are Soulja Boy and Bow Wow fighting over cars? Are we not in a recession?
13. Really Wayne?! Medicinal purposes?
14. Are we buying the fact that he's a singer now?

I Need Answers!

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