Monday, January 26, 2009

Leaked Music: Lil Wayne "Prom Queen"

Now let me make this clear, I get the emails from readers asking me why I don't post info on Lil Wayne and I thought I made it quite crystal that I was not a fan of Wayne, and instead of posting insignificant things therefore making me dislike the kid even more, I'll post info on him in small intervals.

I respect his hustle and him as a person but the sound of Wayne's voice on a record gives me heartburn. With that said, I was sent a link to Wayne's recent song leak for his single "Prom Queen" off of his debut Rock album Rebirth. Rock music is not my forte and I will admit I do enjoy Rock music from time to time so there's no hate here.

In this leaked track, Wayne sings a la auto-tunes over screeching guitars and heavy bass and drums. I don't think there is anything special about the song simply because it caused me to have a flashback about 08' when Hip Hop was infected with auto-tunes. Check it out for yourself. To read my article on the release date for Wayne's Rebirth click here.

Lil Wayne "Prom Queen"


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