Monday, April 11, 2011

[NEWS] Mathew Knowles Admits Split With Beyonce Was 9 Months In The Making

Beyonce's father and ex-manager, Mathew Knowles, says his departure as Beyonce's manager wasn't an overnight decision.

Of course we all knew that it would be un-character like for the Knowles-clan to wake up one morning and decide they no longer were interested in working with one another over grits and juice.

Those few months in 2010 where there were rumors floating around about Beyonce and her dad parting ways in business, turned out to hold more weight than people wanted to admit.

Though people have leaned toward assumptions that Beyonce dumped Mathew because of his very public paternal drama last year, Mathew hints that Beyonce was just interested in managing her own career.

From an interview with Black Enterprise:

After 20 years working as a successful team, you and your No. 1 artist—daughter Beyonce—decided to part ways. As her father and manager; will not having her under your wings be a difficult transition for you?

Interesting enough the transition started way before the official announcement. If you’re strategic, which we are, you don’t make a decision like that before you start dialogue. That dialogue started nine months ago. At the end of the day, I’m Beyonce’s father first and her manager second. Remember, this is 20 years I’ve been doing this. She’s almost 30 years old and if she says, "I want to run my business," I think she’s smart enough that she will get the right team. Beyonce is smart enough to know what she knows and what she doesn’t know, and that takes an even smarter person to admit that. And she knows she can call me anytime. It takes a lot of hours and a lot of staff to run the business of Beyonce. (Laughs)
It will be interesting to see what direction Beyonce takes her career with this new album scheduled to drop this summer. I wonder if those rumors about Jay-Z managing her career has any truth to them?
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