Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beyonce Set To Release New Album In June -- Bad News For Female Artists, No?

After deciding to take a year off to do normal people things like travel the world, shop at upscale boutiques, and receive $350,000 Christmas gifts from hubby -- you know the usual normal people stuff -- news has been released that Beyonce will be making a return to music with a new album slated for release in June.

According to other sources, the singer has already begun shooting a video for the first single off the new album. So fans will be getting an eyeful of visuals from Beyonce sooner than they think.

With the release of this news paired with my curiosity, I wondered: Are other female artists biting their nails yet?

It's no secret; Beyonce dominates the charts with her albums and her singles.

Many might debate that her singles don't qualify as good music but it would be foolish to turn a blind eye to her devoted stan fan base that are willing to spend their lunch money on an LP with Beyonce's name on it.

When she was practically everywhere for most of 2009 and everybody gave a collected annoyed sigh every time her name was mentioned or her face was plastered on a billboard advertisement, people begged her (and no, I'm not exaggerating) to get out of their faces and out of their lives...paraphrased of course.

So she did.

And you would think with her absence that there would be other female artists eager to step up to the plate and be just as great or even better. Some of them did and were but others failed miserably.
So that would mean either two things:

1. They just aren't as talented or marketable to create what Beyonce has managed to build.


2. They were slacking and rushing their efforts more interested in just a hit and not a cult classic hit.

I'm going to go with number 2 simply because as a rehabilitated slacker, I can relate.

During Beyonce's hiatus, some of these female artists released albums and songs that I'm sure they thought would be good.

It didn't help that there was already an ideal blueprint of an artist set in stone, but still they attempted. Some of them tried to step out of the box and succeeded in their own circles while others kicked that box, created a new one, then ripped it apart by trying too hard.

Now, a new Beyonce album could prove a few things. She could release the LP and it could fail horribly. We've seen it happen with big named artists before, sometimes they are victims of their own fames and rely more on their names than their talents to stay relevant.

But then there is a chance that this could be the biggest album for the singer, solidifying herself as a modern day icon. And right now, we are running short of icons.

This is not to say that there aren't female artists in music today who aren't more talented than Beyonce with better albums and better songs.

For instance Adele, who I never paid much attention to in the past, released a stellar album, 21, in which every song on the LP was a classic hit, movie soundtrack potential even. She will surely be Beyonce's competition at next year's Grammy awards because Adele will more than likely receive upward of over 10 nominations (I predicted it first!).

However, while Adele is a great singer and songwriter, Beyonce is an entertainer, and for those who prefer those bells and whistles when it comes to their artists (and believe me they are the ones who are buying music), they will most likely want to flock to Beyonce than anyone else.

So should other female artists be nervous for Beyonce's return? Not if they're ready to be better.

And by better I mean pull out the big guns and come with creative and even thematic albums where even the album fillers have potential of being chart toppers. Whatever they do, it will be interesting to see who's bold enough to share Beyonce's album release date.

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