Friday, December 10, 2010

Video: Trey Songz Performing 'Can't Be Friends' Live On The View

Trey Songz stopped by The View yesterday (December 9) to perform his song (and my favorite track) "Can't Be Friends" off of his album Passion, Pain, and Pleasure in stores now.

Trey wasn't the only guest on the show that probably had the hosts and the audience members smiling from ear to ear. Prince also stopped by for a chat and Trey spoke about how he felt when he got a chance to meet and speak with Prince backstage.

A lot of people have said that they weren't big fans of this album but I thought this was probably Trey's best work and I haven't been impressed before the release of this LP. The songs were versatile and on most of the songs, the lyrics actually said something.

I'm still warming up to Trey's live performances. To me it just seems like he's doing too much but hey everyone's performance style is different. A little bit more of a natural vibe would best suit him, in my opinion.

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