Sunday, December 12, 2010

T.I. On 'VH1 Storytellers' [Full Episode]

T.I.'s VH1 Storytellers episode aired last night showcasing the music and the man behind it. T.I. offered up stories behind the lyrics that helped put his name in lights.

This is why I love VH1 Storytellers and why I was so happy it was brought back. It's one thing to like a song but it's another thing to know how it came to be and what the inspiration was behind its composition.

Some Yummy-Facts:

  • There are no name changes in T.I.'s songs. According to the ATL rapper, he uses real names when it comes to the characters in his lyrics.
  • When T.I. first heard "Bring Em Out" he was convinced that the track was supposed to go to Jay-Z.
  • I may be mistaken, but I think that Fantasia's brother, Ricco Barrino, was the back-up singer for T.I. during the show.
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