Tuesday, December 28, 2010

[NEWS] DMX Moved To Mental Health Unit

According to reports, rapper DMX has been moved to a mental health unit in Arizona.

I've had my reservations about DMX's mental health for a while even before his recent arrests, but I'm a bit happy that now others in power are starting to see the same. DMX was reportedly placed in the mental health unit at an Arizona State Prison complex last Monday (December 20).

At sentencing, the judge who sentenced DMX to a year in jail after he violated his probation, believed that he had an "undiagnosed mental health disorder." So it would seem she took it upon herself to get him some help instead of deciding to dump him back in jail like all the rest.

DMX's record reads like a score card with him being incarcerated 13 times, arrested 25 and raking in 11 felony convictions among other things.

Hopefully he will get better with some evaluation because something really has to change, he does have a family.

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