Monday, December 27, 2010

[NEWS] Beyonce Is 2010's Highest Earning Pop Star

Forbes has released their list of the highest earners of 2010 and Beyonce made the top 10, coming in at number 9.

The Carters are about their money as many can see, with Jay-Z set to line his pocket's with $1 million via an upcoming New Year's Eve gig; however, Jay's not the only one bringing home the bacon.

According to Forbes, Beyonce earned an impressive $87 million this year.

Other pop stars that appear on the list are Lady Gaga who earned $62 million, Miley Cyrus who earned $48 million, Madonna who brought in $58 million, and Britney Spears who earned $64 million.

Interesting enough, no Hip-Hop artists made the list this year...very telling.

Check out the complete list of celebrity high earners when you...

1. Oprah Winfrey, $315 million
2. James Cameron, $210 million
3. Tyler Perry, $125 million
4. Michael Bay, $120 million
5. Tiger Woods, $105 million
6. Jerry Bruckheimer, $100 million
7. Steven Spielberg, $100 million
8. George Lucas, $95 million
9. Beyoncé, $87 million
10. Dr. Phil, $80 million
11. Simon Cowell, $80 million
12. Jerry Seinfeld, $75 million
13. Britney Spears, $64 million
14. Lady Gaga, $62 million
15. Madonna, $58 million
16. Sandra Bullock, $56 million
17. Ellen DeGeneres, $55 million
18. Miley Cyrus, $48 million
19. Taylor Swift, $45 million
20. Judge Judy Sheindlin, $45 million

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