Monday, October 4, 2010

Kanye West Does SNL (Video)

Leave it to Kanye West to blow the minds of those who doubt him. The rapper returned to SNL to perform live for viewers and the studio audience this past Saturday and surely they were not expecting to get the experience they were dealt.

Kanye started his performance with "Runaway." With a bevy of ballerina's behind him, Kanye threw himself into his performance emotions and all.

The style was similar to how he performed "Runaway" at the MTV VMAs; in fact, I think he was wearing the same friggin' suit. Nothing wrong with that, but it is new of Kanye who I can't remember seeing wearing an outfit more than once.

But it was his "Power" performance that left me in awe. The man practically recreated the video (or should we say video painting) live on TV! It was insane to say the least and the visuals should be explanation enough. He did, however, leave out the SNL diss which I wasn't so happy about. I wanted to see him take it there.

Nevertheless, the live audience and viewers at home have never seen some sh*t like this, I'm almost positive about that.

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