Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Listen: Kanye West (feat. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson) 'See Me Now'

Imma let you finish, but I got Beyonce on the track - Kanye West

Here is new music from Kanye West titled "See Me Now" off of his new untitled project. The album will be due in stores November 16 - we know this because Kanye spilled the juice in his interview with Angie Martinez earlier today.

The song is cool, underwhelming if you ask me; but the people will make it hot because it does have the potential to grow on you after a few listens. To my understanding, the song was recorded earlier today and is unfinished so maybe it will sound a bit different when more work is done on it. Regardless, it does have a bounce.

SideBar: So who got Beyonce to drop the n-bomb? Oprah gonna be mad at her...

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