Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Does Chris Brown & Usher On Tour Sound?

Seems like the partnership made between Chris Brown and Usher while the two were down in Jamaica last month will go beyond just a duet.

Producer/Songwriter Bryan Michael Cox spilled the juice (unintentionally of course) in a video, shedding light on news that has probably yet to be inked. But that won't stop the excitement from building up for all the Chris Brown and Usher fans out there.

The tour will more than likely hit the road next year if things go as suggested.

If this does happen, I definitely will need to get my hands on tickets to see all the dancing and shirtless wardrobes all in one arena. Only a fool and a straight man would say nay to that.

By the way, Chris Brown's single "Deuces" is creeping up Billboard's Hot 100 chart and is currently sitting at #56...

Peep the spill at the 1:05 mark...thanks Bryan, slips of the tongue are always welcomed here!

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