Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We May Have To Forget About Christina Milian's 'Elope' Album

If you haven't already heard, there has been a scandal brewing in the world of R&B between newlyweds Christina Milian and The Dream.

Earlier yesterday, photos of The Dream getting all cozy and comfortable on the beach with his boo surfaced on the Internet. The problem with the photos was that the girl The Dream was hugging and groping wasn't Christina. In fact, it was his personal assistant that was assisting him with his personals.

Because everyone started dragging his name through the mud referring to him as a dog and other four-legged creatures, The Dream thought that it was the perfect time to tell everyone that he and Christina were no longer together and that they had been broken up since the close of 2009.

Are you scratching your head the way I was scratching my head? Glad to see we are --->here<---

The Dream and Christina actually got married in September of 2009 and if I'm not mistaken had another wedding in December that same year.

How late in the year did they figure out that things wasn't working out? December 31, 2010 at 11:59pm perhaps?

Although I have a hard time believing that Christina was well aware of the fact that she and The Dream were having problems, it seems like that project some of us have been waiting for her to release might not come out at all.

The Dream was said to be the executive producer of her album which was titled Elope. Not only that, but Christina had signed to his label Radio Killa Records before they were even an official couple, before rings were involved and surely before Christina became a mommy.

It was promised the minute she had her baby girl, that the album would be released soon after. Baby Violet came in March and we are in July and still there is no LP.

In a perfect world I am hoping that they can be adults and leave their personal feelings and lives on the back burner to accomplish the goal they initially set, but seeing that The Dream wasn't adult enough to at least wait a few more months to grope his new piece in public, maturity might be missing from this equation.

Not sure what the plan is between these two or if they are even broken up to begin with, but Christina is going to need to figure out if she plans to keep her career or live off of The Dream's checks. Hopefully it's not the latter because that would be complete waste of talent.

And to think, Ja Rule was the one that gave Christina her start...


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