Monday, July 12, 2010

VIdeo Teaser: Rick Ross (feat. John Legend) 'Sweet Life'

Rick Ross has released a video teaser for his song "Sweet Life" featuring John Legend. If you can remember, they also teamed up for Rick's song "Magnificant" (one of the best songs on his album Deeper Than Rap.

There's something about these two together that I just love. Maybe it's the fact that they are complete opposites. Whatever it is, it wouldn't hurt if they went on to do a best of both worlds album.

SideBar: Apparently, Rick has changed his name to Ricky Rozay. I already have a category for this dude that is listed under Rick Ross so I will continue to call him that *shrugs*. I suppose, this is what happens when one links up with Diddy - the master of name changes

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