Tuesday, July 13, 2010

M.Y.'s Perfect 10: 10 Collaborative Albums That Need To Be Made

With talks that artist albums just aren’t selling the same unless they are Miley Cyrus (according to T-Pain), it was only a matter of time before artists began collaborating not only on singles but on 14+ track albums. We were briefly introduced to what it would sound like if two artists from separate genres collaborated on an album via Jay-Z and R. Kelly. Although that later ended with a failed tour and an alleged bout with pepper spray, it did inspire other artists to combine forces to put out collaborative efforts.

Most recently, rapper Nas teamed up with reggae artist Damien Marley to release their impressive LP Distant Relatives. Not only are there plans for John Legend and The Roots to release a collaborative effort, Questlove of The Roots is gearing up to create a collaborative album with British soul singer Amy Winehouse.

Soon almost all of the popular artist we know will be looking to team up with other artists to put out a collaborative LP.

With that in mind, it sure wouldn’t hurt if this handful of Hip-Hop/R&B artists worked on collaborative albums…

John Legend and Alicia Keys

I have made no secret of it that I really, really want to see these two put out something, anything together. Their sounds are very similar and the passion in their eyes when they perform would look magical if they did it together. The two singers are actually scheduled to collaborate on a song off of Swizz Beatz’s new album, so maybe they will get bitten by the collaborative album bug and make something happen.

Beyonce and Jay-Z

We’ve seen them on stage and no one can deny that they are the perfect performing pair. The flirtatious vibes they give off on stage is like a subtle tease to those of us that want to see them just rip each others clothes off. But most importantly, they are both very talented and know how to engage an audience. Most of the songs that they’ve done together have been hot so an album would have to be even hotter, right?

Musiq Soulchild & India.Arie

Both of these artists are soulful and have a sound all their own. They walk in a lane that is separate from others and yet they are able to outshine so many. Musiq and India.Arie have collaborated in the past but an album would be most great.

Maxwell & Erykah Badu

These two artists are in a league of their own. Erykah alone has a very unorthodox performance style. She’s extremely laid back on stage with her incense and herbal teas. When Maxwell performs, you almost feel like he’s directing his thoughts at you and you alone. Besides their voices being the most distinctive in soul, they just look good together and would probably rock an album cover out.

Rick Ross & John Legend

Yes, John Legend shows up more than once on this list but that’s because he is such a diversified artist. Something about Rick Ross and John Legend just seems right. They are the complete opposite but when they are on a track together it’s as if a collaborative album has to be in the back of their minds. With John’s debonair flare and Rick’s refined ruggedness magic could be made.

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Why these two haven’t put out a collaborative album yet is beyond me. Their collaboration on their single “When You Believe” should have been a stepping stone to something more. Maybe it is the diva that is keeping them from doing it, but it is that same diva that would make this collaborative album epic. At this point, both of them could use it. People are starting to think Whitney has lost it and they are doing the same for Mariah. The two coming together to show everyone who the real queens are would be such a treat to music fans.

Eminem & Dr. Dre

Need I say more? These two are like Hip-Hop’s favorite pair. They’ve collaborated in the past and the songs have gone on to be considered classics. Eminem is unpredictable and the same can be said about Dr. Dre (no one can predict when Detox will come out). They just mesh well in the studio and that has allowed Eminem to have a very lucrative career with Dr. Dre in his corner. It’s time for a collaborative album.

Usher & Trey Songz 

Other than the fact that this album collaboration would be simply eye candy for the ladies, it would be interesting to see these two R&B’s studs put together a collection of songs to prove why they are at the top of their class. Usher did hop on the remix of Trey Songz’s “I Invented Sex” and the fans ate it all up. A collaborative album wouldn’t hurt one bit.

Biggie & Tupac

You are probably thinking; how would this be possible? I figure if they are able to constantly put out a bunch of Tupac albums using recordings that he did before his untimely demise, they would be able to fuse these two artists together and make a collaborative album. We got a taste of what this would sound like when Eminem produced “Runnin” and it came out so good. An album showcasing Hip-Hop’s kings and their everlasting lyrical anthologies would definitely blow our minds and would have to top the charts.

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