Friday, July 9, 2010

Fresh-Picked Talent: Tiara Nicole - The Charming Southern Belle

"I'm not trying to do the trendy thing or be like anybody else. I'm trying to be like Tiara Nicole and do what makes me happy with my music." -Tiara Nicole.

You know that satisfying feeling you get when you finally get the chance to quench your thirst with a refreshing drink? Well, that is the feeling one would get in the presence of singer/songwriter Tiara Nicole.

The Memphis, Tennessee bred songstress that is now a Georgia peach in Atlanta has the full package when it comes to artistry. She's talented, charismatic, and has a goal that is like music melodies to a fan's ears; she's looking to be like no other artists anyone has ever seen before.

For a relatively new artist, Tiara is already creating quite a buzz. Besides raking in over 20,000 plays of her single "Haters" on in less than a week, Tiara has also garnered 2.1 million online plays of her single "Real Man" with the support of her loyal fan following.

As she gears up to release a new mixtape and later her first EP, Tiara is preparing to make a big splash in R&B and entertainment as a whole.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tiara who is the only R&B artist under T.I.'s Grand Hustle label and gathered some info on the inspiration behind her popular track "Hater's" (which features Crime Mob’s Princess), how she became affiliated with T.I.'s label, and how she differs from the artists of today.

Tiara on the concept behind "Haters"...

"That comes from real life experience. Just like anyone else you do have people who enjoy hating on you or try to make your life a little bit harder when you are trying to do the right thing. I felt like I had to write that song because I like to write what people can relate to. I want to write something that you will listen to and you feel exactly the way I do. I wrote "Haters" kind of to motivate those people who feel like somebody is always trying to bring them down and bring negativity into their lives. I wrote that song for them."

Although Tiara prides herself on writing her own songs, she wouldn't mind putting down her pen to have some of her favorite songwriters compose lyrics for her.

On artists she would like to pen lyrics for her...

"I know you probably expect me to say Ne-Yo. He's so amazing. He writes the best songs. And it would be like a dream come true if he wrote something for me. Also, Keri Hilson. She's been writing for so long and I know a lot of her songs. Even songs that she did for soundtracks that people may not know about, I know about because I am a fan of hers. I really love her."

Tiara's musical inspiration is...

"Hands down the number 1 person is Johnnie Taylor. My father was a big fan of blues music and we listened to him every single day. I don't think there's a song by him that I don't know. I listen to B.B. King, Aretha Franklin but Johnnie Taylor was my number 1. I was like 5 years old knowing all the words to his song."

On artists she would like to work with...

"I like J.Cole he's like the new up and coming rapper, he's awesome. I want to work with B.O.B. because he's a part of the Grand Hustle family. He's doing so good, I'm so proud of him. I've been following his career for the longest and I am just so happy to see him reach that point where he's being recognized for his talent. Who else? I want to work with everybody [laughs]. I want to work with everybody on my iPod, I'm not even gonna lie."

On how her deal with T.I.'s Grand Hustle and Killer Mike's Grind Time Records came to fruition...

"I'm blessed to have a manager who has connections. He actually used to bring me up to the studio all the time and got me to record there and that's how I got to meet them and they got to hear what I was working on independently. They graciously offered me something that I could not refuse as an independent artist and I am so grateful for TIP and for Killer Mike especially, for helping me out and putting me out there."

Naturally when an artist is on a label with one of Hip-Hop's shinning stars, they have that want for them to hop on one of their tracks; Tiara is no different.

Tiara on potentially working with T.I....

"I want him to be on my song so bad. That would be a dream come true. Even though I am with him, I am still a fan of his. I love him so much. I actually did a song that I really want him to get on so hopefully when I'm done with the EP, once we start to put features on there, he can probably get on for me. It's a song called "In the A." It's a song for Atlanta. And I know he reps his city Bankhead so I want him to get on there and drop a verse for me. That would have Atlanta going crazy [laughs]."

R&B is chocked full of artists that are looking to be the next whoever is hot at the moment and that can be an issue at times. We don't have to worry about Tiara suffering that same fate, as this singer is looking to serve up a brand new dish of talent.

Tiara on why she differs from the rest...

"I have my own style. I honestly don't think you can compare me to anyone else. I know a lot of times when you hear an artist, you're like "she sounds like this person." I sound like Tiara Nicole. I don't sound like anyone else. Another thing that sets me apart from other people definitely is that I write my own music and I have my own style of writing. When you listen to my music, you wouldn't say it sounds like someone else's song because I wrote it from my heart, not just for it to be a trend. And I honestly don't think there are that many R&B artists left. Everyone is going into the Pop range. I'm not trying to do the trendy thing or be like anybody else. I'm trying to be Tiara Nicole and do what makes me happy with my music."

Tiara has wrapped up work on her mixtape The Journal and says that it will be out before the end of the summer. She's also working on her untitled EP that is scheduled for release this coming fall season.

Fresh talent is always refreshing when they have a clear view of what they want to contribute to music, and Tiara is definitely one of the artists we need to keep our eyes. Her potential speaks for itself.

Want to become a fan of Tiara Nicole? Join her movement by checking her out on Myspace at where you can get an earful of what this southern belle has to offer. You can also follow her on Twitter @TiaraNicole.

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