Thursday, June 17, 2010

NEWS // T-Pain Is Going On Strike Until Album Sales Pick Up

T-Pain is putting his foot down as far as releasing his music goes. He feels that the music industry has been hit hard by low album sales and is refusing to release anymore albums until he witnesses a change.

T-Pain spoke with MTV about the matter, revealing that his album Revolver is completed and ready to hit shelves but he has made the decision to hang on to it until he sees album sales pick up.

In his words,

"I got the mastered version of my [RevolveR] album in my car right now. But I'm not bringing my album out until these artists start selling records again, 'cause ain't nobody selling records unless you Susan Boyle."

Wait, there's more...

"I'm not doing nothing. I'm not bringing out no album, not dropping no more new singles until people start selling records again, and that's the approach I think everybody should take unless you Susan Boyle or Miley Cyrus."

I feel where T-Pain is coming from. He wants compensation for his work. The only problem here is that his work isn't appealing to anyone, anymore.

Good music can not be denied. If fans love the material they will have no problem with coming out of pocket to purchase an album.

A lot of artists blame the availability of free music on the internet for the reason why album sales are low. Though it plays a part, it isn't the real culprit. Fans can tell when an artist puts their energies into music for the benefit of entertainment and not just for monetary satisfaction.

Unfortunately, everyone is over auto-tunes now and until T-Pain sings us a song without any manipulation, his album may be shelved for other reasons besides low album sales.

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