Monday, June 21, 2010

Milk Carton Diary™: What Ever Happened To Carl Thomas?

One of my good friends from high school was obsessed with Carl Thomas. I on the other hand was a huge R. Kelly fan (pre-sex tape), so she and I would go back and forth with one another (daily) pointing out all of the things that were better about the artists we admired.

Deep down inside, I knew that Carl Thomas was the truth. His sound was original and his voice was smooth. And the fact that he was signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records (Bad Boy during the mid-90’s to early 00’s was shelling out popular artists with hit singles to boot) just made him all the more appealing.

Carl Thomas made his debut with “I Wish” from his first album Emotional and captivated the hearts of female and male fans alike. The single spent 6-weeks at number 1 on Billboard’s Hot R&B /Hip-Hop Songs chart. His brand of music was one that a lot of listeners could relate to which is why he became so popular so quick.

During that time he released two other singles “Emotional” and “Summer Rain.”

Though those singles did not perform well on the charts they were hit singles for those of us who didn’t pay much attention to whether a single charted or not.

The love anthem “Can’t Believe” featuring label mate Faith Evans was another hit that wasn’t really recognized by the charts (it landed at 52 on the Hot 100 and at 14 on the Hot Hip-Hop/R&B Songs charts) but again it was still a hit for most.

Here is where it gets a little fuzzy.

According to sources, in 2004 Carl Thomas decided to take a break from the music industry after his step brother was murdered. During this time, Carl had just released his second album Let’s Talk About It. Because he was so saddened by the lost of his step brother, Carl opted to take time off from music and to not promote the album.

A lot of people initially assumed (me included) that the reason why Carl had disappeared out of the blue had something to do with Diddy as other artists have suffered the same fate in the past. Though it seems to have been just a coincidence, it isn’t confirmed if Diddy still had something to do with it.

So, 2007 comes around and Carl releases another album. This one is called So Much Better and it charts at 25 on Billboard’s Hot 200.

He made another comeback via Trey Songz’s “Feel So Good” – a song that allegedly appeared on one of Trey’s mixtapes.

Carl is no longer signed to Bad Boy but he is signed to an independent label known as Bungalo Records.

Last sighting of Carl...

Picture this: It’s early January 2010. I’m coming home from Manhattan on a cold winter night. I and company (company behind the wheel) are listening to the radio. It’s late at night so we don’t expect to hear anything but the usual. But then, the DJ announces that he has new music from Carl Thomas. I get excited.

The song starts up and…wait for it… I’m disappointed. The song didn’t really sound completed and didn’t sound like Carl was giving his best. After that night, I never heard the song again and Carl is still M.I.A. from music.

Attempts to get in contact with representatives of Carl Thomas were a no-go; so for now, Carl is still missing until we get an update…

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