Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lloyd Says He Told Chris Brown To Cry During BET Performance [Video]

Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute has been the talk of the net for the past few days following his touching live performance at the 2010 BET Awards Sunday (June 27).

While most of us were so taken by his performance, there are the some that are not buying his tears.

Lloyd's recent Q&A with Rap-Up won't help with their suspicions.

When asked about Chris Brown's performance, Lloyd said:

"I told him man, you gotta get up there. You gotta CRY, you gotta really show your heart to the world."
Lloyd makes comment @ 3:19 mark...

Truth, fib, or nothing at all?

Chris's performance tugged at my heart strings and those tears looked authentic. Whether Lloyd said to do so or not, Chris's cry face looked too real for questions...

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