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Alicia Keys vs. Chris Brown: Who's Career Is In A Better Position?

Alicia Keys and Chris Brown have both experienced a tough year. Chris Brown has been struggling to light the fire under the stove pilot that is his career ever since his fall out with Rihanna became tabloid and blog fodder.

Alicia Keys on the other hand is starting to see a drop in public approval. The singer who should be celebrating (perhaps she still is, Alicia could probably care less about what anyone thinks) her new engagement and her brand new bundle of joy that will be tumbling out in 5 months, is instead most likely dealing with everyone’s negative perception of her.

At this point, Chris Brown has discussed everything there is to discuss about what occurred that night. There are still some people who are waiting for him to go into deep details about what exactly happened between him and Rihanna; but from the looks of things Chris won’t go that deep, yet. It’s like he’s eating around hot soup instead of just digging in.

As for talking, you can forget about Alicia opening up about her relationship with Swizz. This reminds me of the whole situation with actors Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston. We don’t know for sure what happened besides the many rumors that loom, but we do know that it couldn’t have been that good given the circumstantial outcome.

Though all of their problems are situations that deal with their personal lives, the public is hipped on to it and unfortunately it is starting to have an overall effect on their careers.

Despite the altercation and court visits Chris underwent for most of 2009, he still decided to release his album Graffiti in hopes that his fans would stick by his side.

In the end, the album tanked.

Some claimed that it did because Graffiti wasn’t any good. Others including Chris swear that the “industry is trying to blackball him.” And now, Chris has been denied entry into the UK because of his criminal record that stems from the fight with Rihanna that left the singer bruised and battered.

Alicia Keys, who has experienced chart success with her 3 past albums, recently experienced her first non-number one album in her career with her latest LP, The Element of Freedom.

Again, some would say that it didn’t perform well because it wasn’t any good, while others are quick to blame her tabloid friendly relationship with Swizz Beatz – who was reportedly still married but estranged from his wife when Alicia and he began dating.

Though the future may look bleak for Alicia and Chris Brown given their separate scenarios, one of them can come out of this dusting themselves off.

That would be Alicia Keys.

Granted, the majority of Alicia’s fans are females – females that have looked to her for the songs to inspire them and are most likely livid with her thanks to the rumors – the public’s perception of her can change over time. The truth is we don’t know much about what took place in this trio drama.

We do know that Alicia’s pregnancy announcement came 3 weeks after Swizz’s divorce from ex-wife Mashonda was made official, but we don’t know how much of a relationship the two (Swizz and Mashonda) of them were in.

Alicia has proven in the past to be a superb singer and an even better songwriter and everyone knows to get back in good with music fans, all you’ve got to do is put out great music that’ll make our interest in things that are private dissolve.

It might be a bit tougher for Chris Brown to get the ball rolling on his career again. The fact that everyone knows about the fight he and Rihanna had as well as their being photographic evidence of the outcome of said fight; unfortunately, the incident has constantly become affiliated with him every time his name is mentioned.

And now with the news of him not getting clearance to perform overseas, only spells out problems here on out. Most likely other foreign countries are going to take note and will probably follow in tow. He may have to count out being an overseas artist which could have helped him just as it helped Michael Jackson when the U.S. had lost interest in him.

Not saying it isn’t possible, because anything is possible look at Kobe Bryant; I’m just saying that it will take a little bit of work for people to see past the flaws.

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Anonymous said...

How didn't Alicia's album perform well when it sold 420K in it's first week and became platinum in the same month as it's release? Her album is still the best selling r&b album of 2009 and has sold 2.6 million copies WW...Really? The only reason she didn't get #1 was because of Susan Boyle's supreme reign...Also 420K with NO TOP 10 HIT SINGLE amazing, no one has done that from her generation yet. I don't know about her career failing, I think her success is great. She still has the #1 R&B song with Unthinkable & has lasted 5 weeks atop so far, 2 more weeks at #1 and it will be the only song to have the longest lasting on the R&B charts this year. So her career is really going well..She just finished a WW tour with sell out dates..performed at the World Cup and her album is STILL top 5 in the UK and is 2x platinum over there. Also, everyone of her singles were top 10 in the UK..amazing.

Samantha G said...
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Samantha G said...

All of this is true, but like I said The Element of Freedom was the first album from her discography that failed to debut at number 1 just as her other albums did. No, it isn't terrible considering that other artists have failed to move the amount of units Alicia has in her first week, but compared to her past track record it isn't as amazing. I find it convenient that now that all of this has transpired in her personal life, the album she releases around the same time becomes her first non-number one? Maybe it's timing but it is telling.

I can honestly say that the material on The Element of Freedom did not compare to the material on her past albums. "Unthinkable" was one of the best singles because it has an R&B sound which was one of the only singles on the album that did.

Not to say that Alicia isn't still a great artists, she's better than most, but it would be a lie to say that the current events that has taken place hasn't had an affect on her career. Thanks for stopping by!

JayRide said...

@amnonomous no no no monica everything to me went number 1 for seven consectutive weeks but alicia album didnt flop they tryna make it seem like it was completly disasterous i can say i wasnt impressed with thys album it wasnt her at here best it seems as if she tried to make another no one with dosent mean anything (wihch was a disaster on the charts) i love alicia but this was a bad year for her until drake wrote unthinkable for her

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