Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NEWS // 50 Cent Starves Himself For New Movie

50 Cent released some photos of himself looking...well hungry.

It's actually all for good reason. The rapper reportedly went on a 9 week liquid diet to slim his 214 pound physique down to 160 pounds for his role as a football player that gets diagnosed with cancer. The film is named Things Fall Apart. 50 also hit the treadmill for 3 hours a day for those 9 weeks which probably explains the exhausted look.

He definitely looks the part.

I say kudos to the effort. I've always said that if 50 played anything other than a gangster in a film, he would probably be able to do a good job. I personally would like to see him play a teacher or any other challenging roles in the future, that's acting in my opinion.

The filming of Things Fall Apart has wrapped so 50 will be eating and hopefully gaining the pounds back. He reminds me of the guy from the Stephen King film Thinner in the first photo *shutters at thought*.


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