Sunday, May 9, 2010

Diddy Denies Co-Managing Nicki Minaj After Visiting Lil Wayne In Jail, Coincidence?

This is probably old news by now but it recently occurred to me how coincidental this entire situation is.

During the latter part of April, word got out that Diddy signed on to co-manage Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. The news of Diddy co-managing Rick Ross' career didn't really come as a shock as the two have been seen together quite often lately and Diddy has been very vocal in regards to comparing Rick to Biggie *coughs*.

What shocked many was the randomness of Diddy managing Nicki's blossoming career. A lot of fans labeled the move, career suicide, given Diddy's track record.

Interestingly enough, 2 weeks after the announcement was made Diddy takes a trip out to Rikers Island - Lil Wayne's current home - for a quick 1 hour visit.

I assumed that the visit had something to do with Diddy's recent decision to take Nicki under his wings and others concurred.

Fast-forward to early last week. Diddy took to his Ustream to shake off the rumors denying that he was managing Nicki. He asked fans to ignore the elaborate tall tale and insisted that although he likes Nicki's style they are just "cool."


Is it a coincidence that the he announced that the rumors are false right after visiting Lil Wayne in jail? Perhaps.

Was Lil Wayne not too please with the new move on Nicki's career while he is away serving time? Maybe.

Maybe the rumor just better off just a rumor.

....don't shoot the analyzer.

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