Thursday, April 15, 2010

Video Premiere: Toni Braxton 'Hands Tied' + 'Make My Heart'

Toni Braxton premiered two videos in one day yesterday; her video for "Hands Tied" and "Make My Heart."

"Hands Tied" is a sexy slow jam and in the video Toni Braxton plays a classy stripper...if there is a such thing. Why Did I Get Married Too? actor Michael Jai White who plays Marcus makes a cameo in the video.

Then there is "Make Me Heart" which is a fast pumping dance track with a great hook. The video mirrors the sound of the song featuring a collection of dancers from break dancers to church goers...don't judege.

Toni's decision to release two songs and videos at the same time is a smart move. With the state of music right now and with how music fans are quickly growing bored with what artists have to offer, giving them an option to choose from party track or slow jam shows diversity to her style.

Toni Braxton's new album Pulse is scheduled for a May 4th release.

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