Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kiely Williams Responds To 'Spectacular' Music Video, Compares It To Beyonce & Lady Gaga

Some folks are still mouthing off about Kiely Williams' new video for her song "Spectacular" some even labeling it as trashy.

Can't say I disagree with them, the video was a real 180 to the type of characters Kiely usually plays or has played in the past, which mirrored innocent and pure.

The music video that made it's debut earlier this week shows the former 3LW singer dancing provocatively while reciting lyrics that paint a picture of a wild night which includes sexing a person she doesn't know and not being sure if she used a condom.

Because of all of the backlash the singer has received, Kiely decided to take to her YouTube account to discuss the motive behind the song and the video. She says that the song does not promote careless sex, instead it does the opposite by raising awareness about the trend.

"I am an actress and performer. I have been so since my first role in a television pilot at five years old. I played a character when I was a Cheetah Girl. I am playing a character in the music video for the song Spectacular, as I did in the Cheetah Girl movies.

The fact is, that sometimes women get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. My video puts this issue front and center. It is absurd to infer or suggest that I am condoning this behavior. Are Lady Gaga and Beyonce advocating murder with the Telephone video? Of, course not. Was Rihanna encouraging suicide with Russian Roulette? No. Was Madonna suggesting that young unmarried girls get pregnant with Papa Don't Preach? I don't think so. Is Academy Award winner Monique a proponent of incest because of her portrayal of Mary in the movie Precious. Clearly, the answer is no.

I wrote Spectacular and made the video to bring attention to a serious womens health and safety issue. Don't shoot the messenger."

Kiely is a grown woman now and I believe that she can do as she pleases. My only issue with her response is that it sounds fabricated to fit the situation.

If there is one thing I can't stand it is a person that does something and then tries to switch up their reasons for doing it once people are opposed to the idea.

You felt that you wanted to take your career and your image there, own up to it. Even though she makes some good points with bringing up other artists that partake in the same type of music, calling other people into your situation just because you find yourself sinking just seems lame.

Admit that you did some loose-goose ish to get a little buzz, vow not to do it again and move on. Retracting your actions just because people thought you were trashy will look worst than you...well...being trashy.

We all know that there are double standards in the entertainment business learn them and be prepared to either avoid them, succumb to them, or do something about it to change it.

What Erykah Badu said about making it as a female artist makes more sense with each passing day....

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