Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beyonce Is So Dirty + Performance W/ Jay-Z At Coachella 2010

I was super mesmerized by Jay-Z and Beyonce's performance at Coachella 2010 that it wasn't after I watched the video again that I realized the rude words that were sprawled all over Beyonce's white t-shirt.

So, Beyonce and Jay-Z performed together at the annual music festival Coachella last night and the performance was beautiful. They could have just stood on the stage and batted their eyes at one another and everyone would have went nuts.

Anyway, for her performance Beyonce wore a pair of cut-off shorts, black boots and fedora. But the real prize went to her off-the-shoulder t-shirt that bared words like "Punk Mother F*cker", "Bollocks" (which is said to mean bullsh*t in British slang), along with a slew of other cuss words.

People probably did not pay much attention to her shirt, with that sweet yet innocent smile Beyonce was giving but I caught it and the irony of it all made me giggle.

While some might be offended by her t-shirt I thought it was a breath of fresh air especially since Beyonce is always prim and proper. It's good to see that she's a bit rude like us humans.

Seems like that "Telephone" video has brought out the naughty side of Beyonce. Too bad we can't blame the now defunct Sasha for all of this....

Check out Jay-Z and Beyonce's performance of Jay's song "Forever Young"

Photo: AP

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