Monday, March 1, 2010

New Music: Kelly Rowland ft. Michael Buble 'How Deep Is Your Love'

Here is new music from Kelly Rowland that features Canadian singer/songwriter Michael Buble titled "How Deep Is Your Love" the song which is a cover of the Bee Gee's classic is said to be her official new single for the year.

Not sure if this will be her first single off of the album she is currently working on, I highly doubt it in fact, but Kelly's voice sparkles on this song and she really did the job of making it her own.

I remember writing an article about Kelly's voice and how she would best benefit staying away from studio engineered instruments and turn her attentions to acoustic and other natural instruments.

Some artists do well with studio engineered sounds and some don't and Kelly's voice mends well with the au naturale. It does her voice justice and can definitely aid in helping her get her solo career off of the ground. This song is a keeper!

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