Monday, March 1, 2010

Grieving Mother, Thea Anema, Says Rihanna Used Her Child For Publicity

Surely, most of you are familiar with the young girl, Jasmina Anema, who lost her battle with leukemia last month. Jasmina's situation was best known thanks to the help of Rihanna who made her battle public when she signed on to help find a bone marrow donor for Jasmina when she desperately needed the transplant.

Photo's of Rihanna and the young girl were taken while Jasmina was in the hospital or just out and about with her favorite singer.

Well, apparently the situation that was touted as a way for Rihanna to express her support in Jasmina's fight has become an accusation of her using the little girl and her sickness for publicity.

Jasmina's mother, Thea Anema, decided to take her thoughts to Twitter (bad idea) to express how upset she was that she hadn't heard from Rihanna following the passing of her daughter saying:

I can see how it can be upsetting when someone is giving their time and attention to your sick daughter and as soon as she passes on the attention stops; however, I have a hard time believing that Rihanna used Jasmina.

It was wrong for Rihanna not to contact Thea after Jasmina's passing as that would have been the right thing to do; however, for her to express her frustrations via twitter, which by the way is starting to get a lot of people in trouble, wasn't the wisest and most efficient way to get through.

From what I understand, Thea has tried desperately to get in contact with Rihanna but to no avail, so in a way I see both sides of the situation.

Hopefully, Rihanna will get in contact with Thea to properly pay her condolences if she hasn't already. Things like this really need to be left behind closed doors.

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