Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Michael Jackson Makes History With New Multi-Millon Dollar Record Deal

Following the death of the proclaimed King of Pop, interest in Michael Jackson's persona and more so his music has skyrocketed. His albums ended up moving over 80 million units and selling over 12 million downloads posthumously.

Now, Michael can add another notch to his belt as his estate has landed the biggest recording contract in history.

Sony Records, Michael's longtime label, has inked a deal with Michael's estate guaranteeing up to $250 million in advances and other payments including a high royalty rate.

I just love royalties, that's where the real money is at. With it, MJ's estate will be making money practically forever. Which means that Michael's great, great grandkids will be paid just for being related.

10 albums (that will be released over a 7 year period) are said to come from the deal which will see the remastering of his hit songs and the availability of unreleased tracks.

The first project will be released in November of this year!

By the way, the soundtrack for his film This Is It is included in the deal...is that the sound of cash registers I hear in the background?

This might even open the doors to Michael's music appearing in films, television, video games, or maybe even theater.

A Michael Jackson musical...I can dig that!

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