Monday, March 15, 2010

Kelis Gets Rid Of Silver Mullet + Performs 'Acapella' Live

Kelis recently performed a gig in NYC splits and all at Club 57 over the weekend and I couldn't help but notice, with joy, that the silver locks are gone! 

If you can remember, Kelis has been repeatedly photoed out with the brightly colored mullet and it was driving me slightly crazy, especially when she paired it with a red lip. Granted it's her hair and she can do whatever it is she pleases, those damn silver strands made me nauseous. No worries though, we females are allowed at least two fashion/beauty faux pas a year so she's covered.

Anyway, Kelis' new album Fleshtones is due out this summer and already she is experiencing some success with her single "Acapella." The single has already topped Billboard's Dance Chart!

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