Friday, March 5, 2010

Ke$ha Slams Britney Spears' Lip-Synching: 'If You're Going To Be A Singer, You Should Sing'

There may have been shots fired here....

For those of you who are not familiar with Ke$ha she is the voice behind the hit pop single "Tik Tok." Because the song has been doing pretty well, she has gotten a little momentum and a boat load of media attention.

Clearly all of the attention due to her eccentric personality and persona encouraged her to sip on a glass full of truth juice, because she decided to get real about Britney Spears's lip-synching.

Britney, who has been lip-synching since the start of her career surprisingly unbeknown to many, has been under fire following a concert she performed in when her tour touched down in Australia.

Now, Ke$ha has something to say about it too, stating in a recent interview that if Britney Spears is supposed to be a singer she should sing and not mime.

I think that’s bulls***. I don’t think that’s fair at all for people who are going to see the show. I think if you are going to be a singer, you should sing. If you are going to be a dancer, you should dance.

If you are going to do a combination of the two, you should make it very clear when you are singing and very clear when you are dancing. I would never do that to my fans.

No offense to her specifically but people have asked me before to mime. I have been up at three in the morning for a television show with jet lag but I refuse to mime.

It’s treating people as if they are too stupid to realize you are not actually singing. Sometimes it is hard to sing and dance at the same time but I would rather be off and be real and genuine about it to my fans. I don’t want to treat my fans like they are stupid.

That is my take on my fans and life in general. My whole record is super-honest. I am really honest. When I am singing I may sound s*** sometimes but at least you’ll know I’m singing.

She has a point there. It gets annoying when you hear the same way a song is performed on CD, in concert; especially when the ticket for said concert is triple the price of the CD. Star power just doesn't have the same effect it used to have once upon a time.

Though she may be on point with her criticism, Ke$ha needs to keep her top and bottom lip sealed as she also partakes in vocal manipulation a.k.a.'s not as if she actually sings.

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