Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lil Wayne's Teeth Save Him From Sentencing

I had the strangest feeling that Wayne would not be reporting to prison today. Even after he went on Ustream last night to bid farewell to his fans, I just didn't believe for sure that he would be reporting to prison.

My nagging sixth sense was on point as it has been reported that his sentencing was postponed due to unfinished oral surgery.

As you know, Lil Wayne has a mouth full of diamond teeth. From what I understand, they knocked out all of his pearly whites to replace them with diamond encrusted teeth and now they have to knock those out to replace them with pearly whites...again.

Weird I know?

When this news broke I wondered if he knew that this would happen. The dental work wasn't complete when he reported to court which means they weren't complete when he made the video, surely that must have been a fact he could have dropped, no?

At any rate, Wayne is scheduled to report back to the Manhattan criminal court in NYC for sentencing on March 2, 2010.

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