Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is The Media's Love Affair With Beyonce Over?

After watching the Grammy's last Sunday along and witnessing the response that Beyonce's performance received, I am convinced that the media is no longer in love with her and want out of their relationship….just in time for Valentine’s Day, how sweet.

When she first came out, they were literally attached to her bra strap. Any moment they could get to praise Beyonce and her amazing and flawless performances they would, no questions asked.

This point of the media getting salty was made clear when I viewed an episode of the Chelsea Lately Show and the host Chelsea Handler spoke about Beyonce’s performance of “If I Were a Boy” at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Then after the Stans got pissed....

SideOrder: Perhaps the Stans that sent those tweets need to read over my post on Stans and their toxic roles.

Done in pure comedy, Chelsea spoke about Beyonce grabbing her crotch and whipping her hair in the air wildly. I personally did not enjoy Beyonce’s performance, but the funny thing is that it wasn’t because she grabbed her crotch or whipped her hair in the air because this is something she has been doing since she dropped “Crazy in Love”, sans crotch grabbing (she’s clearly been hanging around Rihanna too much). I, of course, disliked the performance because I felt the song was dated and that the performance was so dramatic for a dated song, that is all.

Besides the fact that it was hardly reported that Beyonce broke the Grammy Awards record by taking home 6 awards in one night (that Solange did not bite her tongue in pointing out), other reasons behind my thoughts include her being compared to Satan, North Africa not wanting her to perform in their country and an Irish male columnist who recently went on record saying that Beyonce is a “sell-out to her own race.”


What the hell happened?! It was all good 6 years ago!

They do say that some marriages start to reach their breaking points as they approach their 7th year anniversaries....

I think that Beyonce’s overexposure has a lot to do with not only the media but music fans getting annoyed by her and her performances. I honestly never thought that I would see the day that Beyonce would not wow me in a performance.

I have always been blown away by her especially when I went to see her live in concert in her ‘The Beyonce Experience’ tour, but lately I have been able to carry on a conversation without regard whenever she hits the stage.

Come to think of it, I don’t think there has ever been an artist that has been asked to go away because they are always around. Usually, we are trying to find out when they are going to release new music…ahem…Carl Thomas.

Though it may not make sense to some people who are thinking, Beyonce is making her money why should she go anywhere, Beyonce is a brand, a walking corporation if you may; which means she needs to always be reinventing herself and manufacturing new ways to keep us interested. Her music is her product and if it doesn’t have enough time to be built and polished, then people won’t like it which means they won’t buy it.

This isn’t just a regular job here people if you haven’t already noticed.

Beyonce taking a break will not only be good for her but good for us too. It will allow her to think of new ways to appeal to her audience and her Stans and it will actually give us a chance to miss her and even seek her out.

Besides, I doubt Beyonce will be losing money on her break. I would take her break any day knowing that I have royalty and endorsement money accumulating in my bank account while I sip Mojitos in a hammock on the beach.

While she’s at it, it would be nice if she laid out a beach towel for Miley Cyrus, she needs some rest as well.

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