Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video Premiere: Usher 'More'

Here is the new music video from Usher for his song "More." This single will appear on Usher's new album Raymond vs. Raymond.

This video was very confusing and didn't match the song at all. Maybe I lack the deepness it takes to fathom the hidden message, but a music video is supposed to be entertaining and is suppose to complete the story the lyrics begins.

One positive about the video is that it keeps your attention but that's only because you are waiting for it to make sense or for him to at least break out in a dance sequence.

I do see a trend on the horizon for the fashionable males; boots with tucked in jeans, it looks hot and that may be the look for 2010.

As for the video, back to the drawing board you go Usher. As he would say, this ain't it.

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