Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Swizz Beatz Proposes To Alicia Keys, So They Say...

According to the rumor mill, Swizz Beatz has decided to put a ring, a 7-carat diamond ring, on Alicia Keys' ring finger on her left hand.

The proposal happened the day before Alicia's January 25th b-day, the singer turned 29.

Though a rep from Alicia has gone on record denying the engagement, only time will really tell.

I think the rumors are right on point but they want to keep it hush, hush until he finalizes his divorce, which will probably see him shelling over half of his fortune to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Mashonda...isn't that how they do it these days?

She will probably be raising all sorts of hell once she finds out that he is indeed moving on, and will be prepared to wipe the floor with him via child support and alimony.

It isn't right, but it happens too many times to count....

I'm definitely happy for Alicia and Swizz only because I dig that lovey-dovey romantic ish, but I can't help but to find it a little tacky. He hasn't even signed his divorce papers yet and he is already down on one knee asking for another woman's hand in marriage; not a good way to start a new life.

At any rate congratulations to the couple, if it is in fact true.

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