Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's 2010, Time To End The Kanye West Jokes

2009 is gone and 2010 is the new reality. Somehow the things that have occurred in 2009 have managed to trickle into the New Year which makes for a very annoying situation.

Feng shui suggests that on New Year’s Eve, you should clean-up your house and get rid of all the things that are no longer of value to you.

Not a surprise there right? Who wants to start a brand new year with the same baggage from the year before?

With that said, the music feng shui of this year needs to be to leave the dumb actions and events in the past; one of those is the Kanye West-Taylor Swift stage crash and all references to it.

I was perusing the net, as I usually do and came across a piece on my affiliate about Kanye West and his daunting antics. It was pretty much an evaluation of his numerous outbursts - which of course stems from his VMA stage crash.

That was really stupid and naive of him, but that’s not what this is about.

The Kanye jokes are as expired as 8-track players and polyester bell-bottom pants. I am tired of hearing about how much of a “douche bag” Kanye is. We get it, and got it a long time ago. In fact, the constant reminders about his actions with the sly references to the event every time Taylor Swift’s name is mentioned is starting to make a few readers sigh in annoyance, resulting in them disliking the writer more than Kanye just because they brought it up.

It is still a mystery as to what people were expecting from a man that has done this before. This isn’t the first time Kanye has done this. If anything, he is quite the connoisseur of being the naughty school kid who can’t control the urge of saying things better said behind closed doors. He’s an artist and the last time I checked not all of their behaviors are charming.

There is no justification for Kanye’s actions, even he has admitted to it. But the constant references and subliminal “I hate you Kanye and hope your career rots in hell just because you interrupted a speech” is boring and needs a replacement and quick.

Perhaps the people, who are just having the hardest time letting go of the incident, didn’t like Kanye from the start. Maybe it was jealousy or bitterness at the fact that he is a talented artist that knows he is a talented artist and reminded anyone with ears of the fact, and those same people are now taking the opportunity to pick up a rock and lunge it at him while everyone else is taking a swing. Let's face it, no one likes a person who doesn't wait for others to compliment their work before they do.

He’ll be out with a new album and the same people ripping him a new one will be the first in line to pick up his CD and deny that they did. It only takes one hit for the naysayers to welcome Kanye back with open arms, you heard it here first.

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