Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Album Review: Omarion's 'Ollusion'

Omarion returns with Ollusion – his first album in 4 years – looking to present a brand new man with the brand new sound.

The “Ice Box” singer has seen some success following an abrupt departure from his platinum-selling group B2K, but has since been able to hold his own as a solo artist. Omarion has succeeded in having two of his solo albums grace the number 1 spot; however, this new project may not be so lucky.

Ollusion is a collection of songs that focuses on showing Omarion’s grown and sexy side. There are no teeny-bopper tunes here as made very clear by the parental advisory sticker that sits pretty on the albums cover. Though Ollusion shows great production with a brief timeline (the 11-track album runs for no more than 38 minutes), none of the singles seem to sparkle on their own.

The album opens up with the lead single “I Get It In” that features incarcerated rapper Gucci Mane. The song plays on powerful drum patterns that are reminiscent of a college marching band. This single seems to be the most popular amongst his fans because of its heavy bass and quick pumping high hats.

While there are the songs that allow the singer to flaunt his ego, there are the others (“Wet”, “Sweet Hangover” and “Code Red”) that cater to the ladies, which is Omarion’s signature style.

Ollusion marks Omarion’s first album to be distributed under his very own imprint. Unlike his past solo efforts that boasted production by the industry’s most sought after producers such as Timbaland and The Neptunes, this album does not follow in the steps of the past.

Ollusion has been an album that has been patiently waited for by Omarion’s fans as the LP has been pushed back numerous times.

Omarion’s third solo album is a solid project that houses some enjoyable tracks which may be overlooked due to the lack of promotion the new project has received. Though the album may have its gems, Ollusion is simply not the best compared to Omarion’s past projects.

Standout Tracks: "I Get It In", "Wet", "Sweet Hangover"

Omarion's Ollusion is in stores today.

Album Rating: 2.5/5

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