Monday, January 25, 2010

5 R&B Songs For YaVaughnie Wilkins, The Scorned Billboard Mistress

The story about YaVaughnie Wilkins and millionaire Charles Phillips has been the talk of the net thanks to their roller coaster relationship and how YaVaughnie coped with it. If you are not familiar with the story, I'll break it down in sound bites.

YaVaughnie was dating Charles for 8 years. Charles, who was still married at the time, led YaVaughnie to believe that he was leaving his wife; this has a time stamp that dates back to 2003.

Fast forward to present day; where YaVaughnie sought the sweetest revenge by putting their infidelity on Front Street...literally. YaVaughnie affectionately spent close to a quarter of a million dollars on billboards that posted quotes from Charles, a photo of the two lovingly cuddling and a website that housed numerous photos of when the couple were a couple.

In a matter of days, YaVaughnie has become "famous" (I do use the term loosely) and she is now viewed as the scorned mistress...or as I like to put it, the scorned billboard mistress.

Because this might be a trying time for YaVaughnie (and she will never get back the 8-years she played house), I've put together 5 songs to help the mistress get through her current situation.

Mary J Blige – “Not Gon Cry”

No one can ever go wrong with Mary in their ear when they are having relationship issues. Though the song is more appropriate to Mrs. Phillips as she must be none too pleased, YaVaughine can easily change a few words around as she hums to herself thinking about the good old’ days.

Aaliyah – “If Your Girl Only Knew”

Now this song hits the nail of this situation right on the head. There is a slight chance that Charles was just that smooth, keeping his wife and probably even YaVaughnie in the dark about each other. Surely if Charles’ wife knew about YaVaughnie, Charles would not have been able to get away with dating another woman and putting her up in a mansion for almost a decade.

Jazmine Sullivan –“Bust Your Windows”

It must be said that I do not condone the damaging of anyone’s property other than your own, it’s just not right. This, however, can be a great way for YaVaughnie to put her imagination to good use. Picturing breaking the windows of his car is far more better and legal than actually doing it.

Lauryn Hill – “Ex-Factor”

Yes, YaVaughnie is the mistress, but let’s be honest here, 8-years is a very long time. She must be feeling the hurt of not having Charles at her beckon call anymore, why else would she spend so much to purchase a billboard outing their relationship?

SideBar: This reminds me of an episode of “Girlfriends” when Joan and the guy she was dating (who turned out to be married) wife purchased a billboard exposing him as a cheater…*snickers* it was a pretty funny episode come to think of it.

Beyonce – “Ring the Alarm”

For some reason, I think that YaVaughnie had this song playing in the background when she decided to contact Clear Channel to purchase those billboards. “But I’ll be damned if I see another chick on your arm” just means so much more as I think about the driving force behind her actions.

You see, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade; so when life gives you drama, just press play.

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